Singing helps with focus and concentration and gives a chance for the whole class to work together towards a common goal. Songs are a fun and expressive way for children to demonstrate their learning and they will pick up valuable performance and presentation skills along the way.


Samba drumming

With MusicMaps instruments provided, children can explore the rich culture of Brazilian and world samba drumming. A great way to develop rhythm and pulse and build team-working skills.


Djembe drumming

As with samba, djembe drumming is an excellent way to develop rhythm, pulse and group skills this time with the joyous, narrative and loud rhythms of West African djembe and doundoun drums. MusicMaps instruments provided.



Recorder class is a great basis for learning written notation and developing pitch, pulse and rhythm skills. It’s a good route for progression on to instrumental learning and provides great opportunities for school concerts.


Creative workshop

Music offers so many opportunities for self-expression and collaboration. This workshop develops the composition skills of children and enables them to work together to build their own music creations.


Instrument fair

And if you want to find out more about the different instruments why not try an instrument fair. A great way to meet, learn about and have a go on new instruments. MusicMaps Guides are on hand to demonstrate each instrument and answer any questions. A demonstration assembly or concert can also be included to bring the fair alive.

MusicMaps offers clubs and break time groups, often with mini-concerts at the end to present the children’s work. It’s a wonderful way for us to bring the magical musical connection between enjoyment and learning to your school.

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