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You call us and we start by discussing your child, what kind of person they are and what you want them to get out of a musical education. It’s that simple.


We map out a musical journey

Next, whether it's bongos or bassoon, Hendrix or Handel, we map out a musical journey.

The thing that has helped me the most is finding a teacher who is right for my child

Barbara (Parent)

The first lesson (it’s free)

Every first journey starts with a free trial lesson to find the right teacher. It won’t start for real until we’ve found that teacher. It’s about chemistry as well as music, which is why we have hundreds of teachers to choose from.

Here’s the next MusicMaps difference. We call our teachers Guides precisely because our lessons are a journey.


We assign you a Mentor

Which leads us swiftly on to the next difference. The usual way to teach music is simply teacher and pupil. Not ours. With each Guide comes a Mentor. Their role: to see the bigger picture and offer advice on how to make the most progress, whether that's simply a matter of enjoyment or preparing for something more formal like an exam, a scholarship or a performance.

...highly recommend MusicMaps to anyone who would like to learn a musical instrument in an exciting, fun and professional way

Brian (Parent)

The Journey begins...

Each term, or Journey, consists of 10 half-hour weekly lessons. At the start of each, Guide and Student agree the five musical destinations they want to reach. Then, overseen by their Mentor, they set off.

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