Our mission...

The MusicMaps mission rests on sharing what we learn from music with the whole world. And our priority is to help every child learn a musical instrument or sing. So we’re asking for your help. In return, we can give rewards. The few simple steps at the end of this message will make all the difference and they’ll take you just a few minutes.

Spreading the word...

When you spread the word and get successful sign-ups, we can reward you with a Limited Edition MusicMaps T-Shirt, a cash reward, or you can exchange your cash reward into our fund, working to engage young people in music. If you choose the cash reward, remember every new sign-up will generate a new reward of £25. If you get 5 sign-ups each month, you’ll make £125 per month; if you get 10 sign-ups every month, you’ll get £250 every month. There’s no limit and the simple steps below will take you a few minutes. You can directly recommend single individuals, or you can post to a social network or drop flyers to a local school – it will all come back to you as rewards.

So what are the steps?

  1. Post the attached online flyer to your online community. Share the flyer on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the tag #GetInvolvedWithMusicMaps and ask your network to sign-up by messaging us through your favourite platform
  2. Register the fact you have done this here so we can match incoming sign-ups to you and give you your reward
  3. If you have specific friends you can recommend to MusicMaps then go to this link so we can contact them directly and then award you your reward for a successful sign-up.

Start your child’s musical journey today!

Call us now on 020 3397 4850 or email hello@musicmaps.org.uk