A Brief History of MusicMaps…and why we’ve rebuilt our website!

Al and I formed MusicMaps at the end of 2011. Our vision was to create the best music education company on the planet. Our first offering was called the MusicMaps Journey – a 10 session set of home lessons taught in person by a MusicMaps Guide and overseen by a MusicMaps Mentor.

Through 2012 and 2013 we developed the infrastructure of the company and evolved the Journey idea adopting the very best of what we have learned about teaching children. In 2014 we started FreeMapping, sessions for the MusicMaps team members to develop their own lives as teachers, players, and creators. Through 2015, with our fast growing popularity, we introduced MusicMaps in Schools and MusicMaps Premises. We brought fantastic new people into the team and embedded our company philosophy, MusicMaps Kanban, to ensure our children always get the best out of their music education.

With growing success in helping children to progress with music, we are now expanding our work with local primary schools to deliver the best music education that can be had. To help with that mission we have rebuilt our website to showcase everything we do…and to help us explore new areas of learning far into the future.

So please do have a look around our new website – www.musicmaps.org.uk!